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Hello friends!

For those who do not know me: my name is Nickolay Lanets (aka Fi1osof) and I am one of MODX Ambassadors in Russia.

I am here to introduce new MODX Revolution extras that will help you to build community websites, collective blogs and forums: modSociety + mod Blog / modForum

Brief introduction
We all know that MODX is growing. More and more people choose MODX for their websites. There are many e-commerce extras for MODX but many website owners want to have a forum or a blog at their websites.
If you want to create a blog you need to install several extras and make them work together. It may be difficult for a beginner. But what if you need a collective blog with many authors and possibility to add articles from the front end? It is impossible to realize this without deep knowledge of MODX.
If a webmaster wants to set up forum he has to use Discuss because it is the only native solution. On my opinion there must be more social extras and that’s why I am here.

modSociety + modBlog / modForum will solve all these and many other problems.

modSociety is a basic extra for blogs, forums and other social engines. All social websites (blogs, chats, forums etc) are very similar in general. They have categories (=blogs), topics (=blog posts), comments (=replies) etc. modSociety installs all required resource types and other things required for any social website. This extra prepares your site.

modBlog – easy to set up blog engine with possibility to have many authors. modBlog allows to create a site like or where people can post their articles and other people can vote and leave comments. I will setup modBlog on my own website to replace current social engine.

modForum — forum engine with all necessary logic, templates, backend and frontend. As you can see the general goal of this package is to provide MODX community with new forum extra.

Main features of modForum
  • Easy to set up
  • English and Russian languages
  • Fast speed.
  • Simultaneous website and forum authorization. (modForum uses native user table)
  • Categories and boards
  • Moderation
  • Friendly URL’s
  • Avatars
  • E-mail notifications

And a lot of other features that every forum should have.

All these extras will be available to the public. I am not going to hide them. Every webmaster will be able to set up these extras on his MODX Revolution website.

As you can see I and my team will have to do huge work. That’s why we decided to ask MODX community to support our project with donations. We are going to collect some money and start working in 2 weeks.

Every donator will be listed in this topic and will receive our gratitude. Every donation will help our project and thus will help MODX to grow!

E-mail for PayPal donations:

If you want to donate using other payment methods, leave a reply here.

Here is a brief video demonstration of what we have already developed. The video shows early beta of modSociety + modBlog. It is beta guys and many new features will be added. The video was created to show you that we are really working and already have a starting point.

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